Journey Through The Brain

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Emotions are the unconscious non-rational effect of values and meaning on our ability to create preference and take action

The Technically of the Brain and How it works In terms of Emotions we express

  1. Emotions and Brain

Our brain is wired to look for threats or rewards if one is detected the feeling region of the brain alerts us through the release of chemical messages. Emotions are the effect of these chemical messages traveling from our brain through the body. When our brain detects a potential threat our brain releases a stress hormone adrenalin and Glucocorticoids which prepares for a fight or flight” stress response. When we detect or experience something rewarding ex: doing something our brain releases dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin which makes feel good motivate us on a task and behavior. In these instances the feeling region kicks in before the thinking part, sometimes the reaction of the feeling brain is so strong that it dominates our behavior and we are unable to think rationally at the moment, our emotions hijack our brain as many of our emotions happens subconsciously and our thinking can influence our emotions and sometimes it can be unhelpful, just thinking about something threatening can trigger an emotional response. This is where we can manage our emotions with conscious thinking, our emotions play a powerful role in the way we experience the world by understanding and regulating through our thoughts and behavior, we can help us take control over the brain and achieve our Goals

2. Neuroplasticity: Alteration of Brain Both physically and functionally

This to a belief that an adult’s brain remains physiologically static or hard-wired after critical development periods in childhood. While its true that your brain is much more adaptable during the early years, plasticity exists throughout your life.

The are 2 instances of emotional influence on our ability to take action : 1.Inheritance : The process where a product inherits the symbols and meaning of the environment in which it is portrayed in or object that is presented together ( Like we relate to something we are familiar or known before ) 2. Manipulation : happens when strong narration and sense stimuli manipulate our ability to construct meaning (Like bringing out new ideas and creativity) .When the brain is evaluating an action what happens is that it synthesizes future. What this means is that it goes to back of the brain, picks up relevant fragments, and assembles them in order to imagine a future with or without the outcome of the action. It then notes the emotional reaction to the assembled future

How to Take Control of your Brain & Emotions

‘In order for the world to change, we must first change ourselves’

What we learned was the logical aspects of how the brain and emotion works internally, so now we look into how we can practice some positive control over to our brain

  1. Scale of Emotions: At the top is exhilaration and at the bottom is a total failure. everyone has a chronic emotional tone and Social-emotional tone. Every day the life we live is dictated by our emotions. you can name every object, job person and attach emotions to it, as it depends how well you know it or if you are interested as Some label it as Love/hate. So everything we do as an emotion touch to it, as if you can get your chronic tone to match your social tone you would be a much happier, more productive person
  2. Store Your Image Bank with Positive Thoughts: In the Book, The power of thinking by ‘John Maxwell’ say our minds are like a bank, our brain is able to store many things that it is basically a bank. As when you ask something positive, you can command your brain to do that and your brain will tell you about the many accomplishments you have done, on the negatives: your brain will tell about the mistakes you’ve made. so whenever something positive happens to you, take a mental snapshot of it and store it in your image bank and keeping cherishing on those more.
  3. Think About Who’s Occupying Your Brain : Sir Maxwell says in the analogy he used our brain is like an apartment building with tenants in it, depending on how you think varies on the tenant inside, If its positive, You’ll learn more towards asking positive question to get positive answers, it is the same with negativity as well.
  4. Breakthrough Automatic Programming : Always have Conscious interventions, it is possible to break this automatic programming(the Repeat, old) when you mindfully move your awareness from being that old person, as you reclaim the power to no longer be the old self by making different choices, demonstrating different behaviors and experiencing different feelings( Ex: Moving from depression to happy, from introvert to extrovert)by this act you are weakening your old neutral networks and forming new ones(positive) that reflect your beliefs, and literally changing your Brain physically and functionally. This is when true transformation occurs since the neutral networks (equal to your self-limiting beliefs) no longer fire in your brain.

Our Emotions reflect how are feeling and what is going on inside our brain.

Source: Books, Websites, YouTube and Personal Experience

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Aqeeb Imtiaz :Founder of Hope_Paradigm




Just a young chap who learned it the hard way of living life, hence sharing the lessons learned in each journey of life #speaker #writer #believer #optimist

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Aqeeb Imtiaz

Aqeeb Imtiaz

Just a young chap who learned it the hard way of living life, hence sharing the lessons learned in each journey of life #speaker #writer #believer #optimist

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